Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charles Hamilton is NO Soulja Boy??? You think...(Ovaground SounDZ Editorial by L'Daialogue)

I feel that public relations and marketing is vital to the music industry and branding an artist. I can tell people I’m from Memphis and the first thing that they think of is Three 6 Mafia if you’re speaking about rap music. I don’t hate that. I just keep moving until I get a chance to open up my lane.

Trust, that when you hear my music…there wouldn’t ever be a mix up again.

This is the same for many other places. Hundreds of other emcees get that same comparison depending on what you focus on.

But the reason I am bringing this up is that our favorite New York upstart Charles Hamilton is catching feelings over a recent comparison to Soulja Boy in a radio interview. He stated that: “I'm not trying to play Soulja Boy [but] chill. It's because of Souja Boy that my day to day, the way I live, the Sonic the Hedgehog [stuff] that's dead real to me is considered a joke.”

Now, come on Charles. Your style is based off of Sonic the Hedgehog. You have a cool little explanation to it but that’s called MARKETING. I don’t care how real it is to you, the general public doesn’t distinguish it that much different than the fake Ja Rule doll that he told his son not to play with in the “Wanksta” video. I don’t care if you don’t like Soulja Boy but you and he exist in the same Hip-Hop that a Luke and a Nas did in the early 90’s. It’s the same Hip-Hop that a Mobb Deep and a Tag Team existed in.

So, I understand that you’re trying to separate yourself as an entity from Soulja Boy and all that...but you both exist in the same space so ACCEPT it. He’s not going anywhere soon. You’re not going anywhere either. We need what he’s kickin’ as well as what you’re kickin’.

I love your passion, man. But, aim that venom toward the imbalance of radio and the music industry. Not toward a kid (that’s not too much a difference age-wise I assume) that happen to have been successful because I bet if the table was turned…people would say the same thing about you.

“Look at that Hamilton cat. He thinks he’s so fly with that Hedgehog stuff. He is killing Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop ain’t that Sega Genesis crap.” [Paraphrased from a Hamilton hater off a blog site]

So, hey…answer questions in these interviews. But, don’t down the next man because it may be you. I mean Charles…you do want to be successful right?


Charles Hamilton talks about Soulja Boy:

Soulja Boy responds back:


MIDIMarc said...

Real dope read!!!!

Nola.Divine said...

D, this was an excellent post!! Mos def a great read!

"Eat a mushroom"?!?!


I guess SouljaBoy told him!!!

*logging off, but still laughing...

The Talented Mr. Hamilton said...

You know what? I'm not even mad at the post... just feel where I'm comin from.

How do you think Joe Budden would feel if someone asked him on the air "How does it feel to be the new MC Hammer?" after Joe put out a dance track?

Despite sales, there's a bit of artistic integrity that gets disrespected when people misunderstood. I've made my point clear over and over again. I just needed to vent... holla back... good read...