Sunday, December 21, 2008

9th has a Grammy. Banner has a Grammy. Do you have a Grammy? (I'm getting mines in the '09)

Happy Sunday (I need to be in church..for real),

First, I know people are checking the blog HARD...can I get some followers, mane? Well, while I'm shifting through some beats for my pilgrimage back to the Bluff City I came across my nigga 9th and Banner who I have seen both this year in Los Angeles.

I am so proud of these cats. And they are flauting an aspiration of what people from my neigborhood can be. College educated, yet come from the street. Successful and diverse (shoot, that's

But, yeah ...check out 9th speaking on his Grammy win with Mary J. Blige and David Banner on his upcoming win with his production on The Carter III (wow...)


Check it out:

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Nola.Divine said...


Can you put one of those "Follow This Blog" gadgets on your blog? Help us out! Because I know I should know better, but I can't figure out how to become a Follower.

Love ya!