Thursday, October 30, 2008



It's about time we got back to the beats mane...the recession is depressing and people need to relieve that stressing mane....and yes, this week's produce has Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane involved.

Yeah, folk...I said iSoulja Boy Tell Em' and Gucci Mane???

Now, before all you super-duper Hip-Hop heads start killin' yourselves...peep out the way that Midi freaks these soulful grooves to get your mind off of the rent and vent...

On to the new-ness....


p.s. Midi and L'Daialogue has the hottest track in the world COMING VERY SOON...stay on the lookout!!!!


"Its been a long time.....I shouldn't have left you.....without some dope beats to step to"

Whats goin on folks. Hopefully the Fresh Produce series hasn't been forgotten already. When you wear so many different hats like I do sometimes things don't go according to schedule. I've still been busy though. Getting ready for the trip to NY...still making beats, and remixing. So lets see what I have for yall today

1. BooCocky -

They might not stand out to most folks, but my favorite part of the beat are the church bells.....kinda reminds me of something you'd hear on a vintage Pastor Troy album.....WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHO PASTOR TROY IS!!!!!!

2. Born To Wander -

Did I mention that I like bass?

3. Get Rare -

To producers out there....don't be afraid to layer your claps, and then don't be afraid to slide one slightly to the left or to the a cool effect if you ask me.

Now here are a couple of remixes. I'm interested to see the feedback I get from them. I remixed a couple of rappers that seem to rub the online fans the wrong

1. Mane - Stoopid Remix prod by MIDIMarc.mp3
2. Boy - BirdWalk Remix prod by MIDIMarc.mp3

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