Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Stop Snitchin' Discussion

Is this what it has come to?

Emcee Mysonne is trying to break down the fine elements of the age old discussion in Hip-Hop authencity: snitchin'.

The basis of this video is based upon T.I. doing a recent Crimestoppers video that aired in Atlanta earlier this week. Mysonne is angry about how he felt that T.I. sold out Hip-Hop and "real" niggas in general.

My point is: just because someone has the good sense to call the cops on some senseless violence in the inner-city, does not make you a "snitch". Also, half of these so-call "real niggas" are snitchin' on each other as soon as the D.A. start throwing football numbers of years at these guys when they are in that small room in the police station.

So, his point makes no sense.

The point should be that we should, as a people liberate ourselves so we do not have to depend on the bullshit that comes from drugs, violence, pimpin etc...and eliminate a need for a crimestoppers.

I probably don't fall in the so-called "hood" perspective that some of these guys feel like they understand more than a nigga that grew up around all of the stuff that they glorify. But I digress.

Watch the video and you decide. Do we still need to discuss this foolishness, mane?


p.s. Check out Project Pat speaking on the T.I. situation.

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