Thursday, October 16, 2008

L'Daialogue DiCaprio's "Unofficial Story of MemphisRap" featured on SOHH.COM

What up,

Getting accolades is always the way to go and also a thing that keeps me going no matter how big or small.

When I wrote the song "Unofficial Story of MemphisRap" (off of the Bluff City Daialogue Mix Album) I knew that it was going to be a slow burn for a lot of people. This was a 9-minute ode to my city that needed to be displayed and interpreted lyrically by me...from a definite non-biased view.

But alot of people online and in the streets LOVE this record. Thousands of downloads and cd's later it seems like the good people over at SOHH.COM recognized the depth of this record also and give it top billing on it's site...and for that I thank them and ask them to lookout for Bluff City Daialogue Part 2.


Here's the interview link:


Memphis Hip-Hop has been the back bone for the South for a long time. They just never really get there credit. Take my word for it all that will change in 2009. Ya boy L'Daialogue Dicaprio summed up a lot of their history...

And for the video "Unofficial Story of MemphisRap by L'Daialogue DiCaprio":

And for the download link for the original "Bluff City Daialogue" mix album:

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