Sunday, October 12, 2008

Euphonetiks Frontman/Elevated Minds Signee Lyrikill Presents Killmatic (NEW MIXTAPE)

What up?

Well, in the mist of many Ovaground releases and other random albums dropping...I have been rocking to my mans Lyrikill's newest project, Killmatic.

No, I'm not riding to this because he's my homeboy.

Also, not because we have a new project album/mixtape coming called Daiabolikill coming early 2009 (pardon the pun).

But, I'm riding to this because my mans came with it. I'm mad that these rhymes was just on the mixtape. Those were album-level bars but I digress.

And the whole tape is inspired by Nas' Illmatic...hence the title Killmatic. So, download that and get Kill's numbers up in this.

Be on the look out for big things from the whole Eupham crew 4 quarter and early 2009. Rumor has it that a crew album is coming soon.

Check it out anyway though along with the myspace:

And the download LAINK-KIN(copy & paste) :

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