Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lil Noid- My Triple 6 Dayz Documentary [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW VIDEO] [DOCUMENTARY]

(picture above: Lil Noid & L'Daialogue in da' Bay Area)


When I came across this video I just thought about Lil Noid and what he has meant to Memphis rap and artists like myself. I remember when me and Cane came across "Paranoid Funk" back in the days, our lives were changed. Like me and Cane STUDIED that tape mane. Between Lil' Noid, Skinny Pimp and early Triple 6 Mafia tapes, they played a pivotal part in the musical development of 2Deep and alot of other emcees from Memphis, Tennessee.

Lil Noid was actually one of Juicy J's FIRST artists ever. One listen to Juicy J's 'Chronicles Of The Juicemanne" (the original tape, not the 2002 re-release), you heard Noid commanding style over the unofficial lead singles "Killa Klan" and "Ridin In Da Chevy". He was supposed to be a part of Three 6 Mafia. He was on the verge as one of the next major artists to come from Memphis at that time.

But, at least the word I heard in North Memphis at the time...Noid ended up getting jammed up for some un-named charge and we didn't hear from Noid for years. Well, until I came back from college.

He ended up moving to my neighborhood and he got back on his musical grind like he never missed a step and he's just released a documentary retelling his story in his own words.

So, definitely check out this video....Noid is a legend but he's not letting that title go to his head. He's getting back in the game to let the city know what it is. Noid is back.


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