Thursday, December 12, 2013


Finallllly, finally...

The last release in 2013 from the Tygah Woods collective is D. Francis' self-titled LP, D. Francis

This project is being said to be D. Francis' FINAL solo LP as he is about to go on a rap hiatus. We are crossing our fingers hoping that this is not the end. 

This project touts production from Son Sound, Kajmir Royale, Thomas Won and Trizz Sharpe. Also, it has features from J-Dubble & Mr. J'ai of the Tygah Woods Collective. This is one for the record books and gives a proper ending to Francis' quadrilogy of releases: D.E.F, D.E.F 2 & D.E.F 3

This is "D.E.F"-INITELY worth copping (catch the pun) download it right now and salute to D. Francis. We still have our fingers crossed because we over at feel like he has more music to drop...maybe some more collabs coming soon??? Tygah Woods solo album????

We shall see. Download link is below. 


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