Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brittany Barber- 911 Remix feat. L'Daialogue DiCaprio [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

And we're bacckkkkkk....

What's good, world? 

Now, for the latest post...we have to change the vibe just a little bit. I'm talking about changing the vibe to that smoothness, ya know? Enter the soulful songstress known as Brittany Barber. This singer-songwriter-arranger hails from Compton, California and she is the truth

Brittany's catchy melodies & strong alto vocals puts you in the mind of a young Anita Baker & her sound places you in the mindset of when good music was just that: good music.

Earlier this year, she released an EP titled Love Letters that got alot of love from her contemporaries online (and off) and she's been gigging, collaborating and performing all over the country ever since. 

One of the songs off of Love Letters titled 911 was probably one of the tightest R&B songs of this year (you can quote me on this) and I had to send it to somebody. Anybody. And I did. At least to the full list of industry emails that I've accumulated thus far. More people needed to know about Brittney in my opinion. Also, as an engineer during my downtime mixing, I would listen to that EP repeatedly.

You KNOW I had to send a copy to L'Daialogue and as they say, the rest is history...

So, I've added the 911 (Remix) below AND I'm putting the direct links to Brittney's Love Letters project below also. 

This is definitely some grown mane/ grown woman music. Download the project and just vibe out and definitely expect some more collaborations from L'Daialogue & Brittany Barber soon. 

Holla back.


Brittany Barber-911 (Remix) feat. L'Daialogue DiCaprio 

Brittany Barber's Love Letters EP [FULL DOWNLOAD]

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