Monday, July 1, 2013

J-Snizzy- Versatilities Gift 3 [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

"What the f**k is a J-Snizzy?" 


As this summer moves along, the music is only getting better especially from the ones close to the Next up to bat is Fayetteville, North Carolina beatsmith wiz kid & emcee J-Snizzy (aka J-Snyder aka Shane Snyder) with his last project in his trilogy: Versatilities Gift 3.

J-Snizzy's first 2 projects Versatilities Gift (2008)Versatilities Gift 2 (2010) were very well received projects that were featured on various websites across the web. Versatilities Gift 3 sticks to the same formula before with more hard-hitting tracks and mind-blowing lyricism. J-Snizzy is out to show the world that J. Cole isn't the only rep from Fayetteville aka Fayettenam, N.C.

Check out the project below and turn it up as loud as you can. #yup 


P.S. Also enclosed in the download is a full text document with the linear notes and behind the track commentary directly from J-Snizzy himself. Mannnnn, this is like a retail release for reals. Download it now.


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