Monday, June 10, 2013


Yo, yooooo...

I hear a lot of people say they want a different style of rap that is totally different from what they're bombarded with on a daily. I usually give most people that say that a quick side eye because all of those honorable declarations fly out the window soon as those same people turn on the radio or go to their local club. Trust, most people think like this.

This isn't a knock on other guys that make different types of rap but for Baton Rouge emcee/Tygah Woods collective founder Mr. J'ai, he has been sucessfully making this type of everyman-Down South, soulful rap for the last 10+ years.

Mr. J'ai is finally releasing his rumored last solo project The Therapy LP under indie upstart Free Music based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is a follow up to his last release Clarity 1.0 that was released in Summer 2010.

The album is structured in a fashion that shows the matriculation of an emcee that has witnessed the ups and downs of this Rap game and can still find enough love in it to approach it from a mature, forward thinking fashion. Mr. J'ai is showing the way an emcee is supposed to navigate through this game and grow.

The album has features from O.T of Effortless Entertainment, L'Daialogue DiCaprio, Mellowhype and Rob Marks as the narrator. Also, the album has production from DJ MiZUnderstatistic, Blaze The Verbal Chemist, BJ Jones a.k.a Crummy, O.T., Max Morr, Shaun Andrews and The Legendary Roots Crew.

The first single and video, Hold Me is getting plenty of burn on local and college radio. So, definitely support this good music and download it right now.


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