Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Olde Soul + Blak King- Rise and Shine [MAXI-SINGLE] [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

New Olde Soul Mane!!!!

The homey Olde Soul slid over some newness through ThaOvaground.com inbox and its lovely. This maxi-single project is titled Rise & Grind [NEW DAY]/ Rise & Grind [NITE CAP REMIX].

It's a freaking maxi-single! I love it mane.

The double-time hi-hats, the long piano intros...man. The evolution of the King of Mid-City boom bap is upon us. Check it out and cop my mans maxi-single for $3 on his bandcamp page. I am...

Check out the official write up below & cop.



Sound the gong for Rise & Grind [Maxi-Single], the first release from Los Angeles based multi-faceted imprint, Cymbolic Brand Ltd.! ThriveLife music at its finest, Los Angeles,CA producer Olde Soul musically captures life as we thrive, with up to the minute narration by Pomona,CA emcee Blak King.

On Rise & Grind (New Day), the melodies trod the line between order and blissful chaos, while layered over a methodically mad display of drum programming. Vocals possess agility and flow pleasing to the ear, with lyrics that tell the story of a grown man with responsibilities.

Rise & Grind (Nite Cap Remix) however, is more tight lipped on storylines so as to keep the streets in the streets. A dark groove of a bassline under soothing keys ride over a slight variation of the same methodically mad display of drum programming. Friendly reminders about the NiteTime grind are sprinkled on the track, in case one forgets.

The message of the Rise & Grind maxi single is simple - "Homie, get your Grind on!"

Rise & Grind (New Day) is the 1st single from Olde Soul's forthcoming album, Connect And Collect.

released 12 March 2013
music/production: Olde Soul
vocals/lyrics: Blak King
mixing: Outer Dimension Digital Conspiracy
mastering: Robert Liam Mastering

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