Monday, November 26, 2012

The Aesthetics Crew Presents The Family Circus Mixtape [NEW MUSIC][OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Yo, yooooooo...

I always love getting some new music in my inbox and I have gotten some good music today. Shouts out to the good folks over at Piecelock 70...shouts out to the People Under The Stairs (Double K aka LA Mike and Thes One) also. Check out the write up/ download link below...and get familiar with the new affiliate project they got dropping over there.

I see a few Blak King & Olde Soul features on the project too. Uh-oh. Now, you KNOW it's something real to real when they got Oldie to get on the mic.

Check it out now.




Step right up, step right up, ladies and gentlemen your ears are about to bare witness to the most diabolical show on Earth! Based on a now legendary series of weekly get togethers known throughout LA musical circles as “Funky Fridays,” The Family Circus mixtape is the result of bottomless bottles, endless smoke breaks, and late nights that turned to early mornings that turned to long weekends. This death defying, party heavy show features collaborations between some of the funkiest producers, DJs, MC’s, & live musicians known to man, including Aidge, Indy, Mixmaster Wolf, LA Mike, Chris Clarke, Pause, L. Scatterbrain, Count Bass D, Rahkwon, Olde Soul, Blak King, Malyque “Hoss” Smith, Iful, and David Bergsma. Music like this is only fit for 2 places: under the bright lights of the big top, or locked in a cage kept far away from any sane human being. Be afraid, but be intrigued...


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