Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yo, yo,

While I've been around in these streets cross country, I have had the chance to meeting alot of different artists from all around. I've met some dope emcees. I've met some (SUPER) wack emcees. But the thing that ALWAYS sticks out to me is an artists' drive. I don't care if you're the tightest on your block or you're the hottest in your city. If I cant hear the drive in your music, you can forget it. You won't get any bump in the whip or the crib. I'll burn your cd just to throw it away. But I digress... *shrugs*

Next up is the homey Picclo hailing from (South Central) Los Angeles, California and he has a new project that is all about that drive thang I was just talking about. Homey has been on the grind doing shows and all that and NOW he's finally got his new project out titled Thanks For Nothing. The project features Brooke Jean, Smokey Lane, Brooke Taylor and Chevy Jones with production from Ayiro, Curtiss King, Zorro, Dae One, The Teamsters and Willie B (of Digi-phonics). 

So, check him out. I got to hear some of this project beforehand and the homey is on point. So, cop that download link below and turn up. I repeat, cop tha laink and turn up mane.



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