Monday, September 10, 2012


Yo fam,

What's up mane? Here is some new new music from the homey Olde Soul. Its speaking on a problem that is plaguing alot of peeps in this country in EVERY neighborhood. But Ima let Oldie speak on this instrumental track for ya'll:

The epidemic of violence has been plaguing Los Angeles as of late. Three people have been shot and killed, within a 3 block radius, in the past month, down the street from one of Olde Soul's haunts.

About the instrumental Last Night, Olde Soul reflects "I made this beat a while back, when the same thing type of thing was going on in my neighborhood. I was saving it for an emcee, but given the recent and ramped shootings that have been going on, I was compelled beyond words to release this as an instrumental. My strong feelings about all this madness is beyond words, and this beat reflects that; no words needed."


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