Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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In the wake of Hurricane Issac (which is going on right now...I'm praying for my Gulf Coast brothers & sisters)...I've decided to go into the vaults to RE-RELEASE an album I had a part and listen to some music that really changed my adult life forever.

J-Squared, which consists of emcees J-Dubble & Mr. J'ai, put out this mixtape approximately the week following Hurricane Katrina/Rita in 2006. Both emcees were displaced (J'ai was back in Baton Rouge, but had to leave & J-Dubble was forced to come to Memphis) and this is the music that was recorded as a result.

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J-Squared: White Label is Here...Download Now!! | Myspace Music Videos

This mixtape holds a special place in my heart because it isnt really alot of music refelecting the tone of what the people felt at the time. The tape isnt all sober and its not all celebratory. It recorded a pivotal time in America where a people (*hint* majority Black people and other minorities) were left out to dry because of FEMA and other government agencies slow response to a city who had levees that were bombed...mannnnn, I could go on and on mane. But....

Check out this tape for the second time around and for my Louisiana/Mississippi/ Alabama folks...stay up!




1. Come On Down- J2
2. Marchin' In- J-Dubble
3. My Light- Mr. J'ai
4. Is U Ready- J-Dubble
5. Still Don't Care- Mr. J'ai
6. Let's Go- J-Dubble
7. Infinite Rhymes- Mr. J'ai
8. 1985- J2, Coke
9. Listen Up (Can You Hear Me Now)- J-Dubble, L'Daialogue
10. Go Crazy- J2, OT, L'Daialogue
11. 22504- Mr. J'ai
12. Bang Bang- J2, Roemellow
13. Come Around The Corner- Mr. J'ai, Lil Slappa, Cam-D
14. They Like It- Mr. J'ai
15. Things You Do- J2
16. Southern Life (Chopped and Screwed by Rob Marks)- Mr. J'ai

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