Monday, March 26, 2012

Mel GangstaPa Hall- Ridin Solo [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Annndddddd what's up??

Are you wondering what this project is? You're wondering who it is? Well, its Mr. Mel "GangstaPa" Hall, founder and CEO of GangstaPa Records based in Los Angeles, California. Now, as you SHOULD know....Mr. Hall is the father of my fellow comrade and Ovaground collaborator On1Ne.

His latest project is titled "Ridin Solo" you know this new project is HEAT mane. Already!

Check out the write up below and be sure to cop the project off of It's OVAGROUND OFFICIAL!



If you are reading this Bio, I am most happy for you as well as for myself. I am happy for myself because i have possibly reached out to someone who may receive a degree of enjoyment, entertainment, and, a bit of enlightenment, from some, if not from all of the fourteen (14) tracks which compose this album. "Rollin Solo" is my fifth (5th) album release since forming Qui Roll Inc/Ganstapa Records approximately December, 2008. Each album that has ben released, "Keep N It Real" (April 2009), "Older, Wiser & Real" (November 2009), "Global Appeal" (January 2011), and "Love, Life & Game" (August 2011), all possess and bear with them, a story, a theme, life experiences, emotions, and realistic feelings and thoughts, all expressed through our music, our songs, and our words.


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