Friday, August 5, 2011

New Orleans Most Wanted John Doe-Back In The N.O. [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Yo, yo...

This video here is some niceness. This is my homey...John Doe one-half of the oft-overlooked group New Orleans Most Wanted (along with his older brother Wil The Great aka Greasy). It's a walk back through his 7th ward beginnings & has him spitting over a cool Erykah Badu-assisted sample that you ALL should know.

I got ALOT of history with them guys. I did some of my earliest works (mixtape & otherwise) in Wil's studio, the vacant house that you see in the first minutes of this video.

Its bittersweet but its still good to see John Doe STILL spitting...because I got stories mane. He is NICE.

But check it out & IF Wil and/or John Doe catches this...holla at me mane.


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