Monday, August 1, 2011

Curtis Givens of CGI Music Speaking on Yo Gotti Beef, OG Boo Dirty and More [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


For those who havent been keeping score in the Yo Gotti vs. OG Boo Dirty beef, CGI Music founder, C.E.O & owner of Level 2 Nightclub in Memphis Curtis Givens has just upped the ante with his new video that he released on Twitter a few hours ago.

Rumor has it, that this new development has arisen from Yo Gotti's latest mixtape, Cocaine Music 6 that is rumored to have taken personal shots at OG Boo Dirty & Curtis Givens on wax.

So, this video is Curtis Givens answer to those rumors. Check it out up top.


P.S. Also check out the colorful way Curtis addresses Yo Gotti as "Lil' Buddy" throughout the whole video...smh. We can only wait for an answer from Yo Gotti now. Hopefully this all stays on wax.

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