Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slangston Hughes/ L'Daialogue DiCaprio Presents Dollars And Daialogue EP [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MIXTAPE]

Finally, finally mane....we finally got the project done. Me & Mr. Pookey Malibu a.k.a Nov a.k.a Slangston Hughes is finally presenting...DOLLAR$ & DAIALOGUE!!!!!

This is my first project of 2011 & it has been long overdue. All production duties are split between me & my producer MiZUnderstatistic (yessur!) so, the diverse sounds, subject matters and all-around lyricism is focused on this one.

The project is 10 PLUS tracks & 3 features on the EP come by Suave (New Orleans-based singer featured on "Lord Smile On Me"), my main mans Lyrikill (on "Payable 2 Me")& Los Angeles producer Olde Soul on the scratches (on "Dollar$ & Daialogue (title track)" with real vinyl might I add you CDJ DJ-ers out there.)

So, get click happy....check the credits & fire up ya Ipods/Zunes for this D&D flow.

Check it out below mane.



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