Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drama in Memphis: Warrants Issued For The Arrests of Yo Gotti and OG Boo Dirty [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

WOW, WOW!!!!

What is going on Memphis?

This is a prime example of stupid beef going on a deep level on the streets of Memphis. Now, I have been hearing the drama for some time now. It's obvious that OG Boo Dirty and Yo Gotti has been going back & forth. This interview shows how deep and long that this particular beef has gone:

And here, Yo Gotti's "rebuttual" in his video "Look In The Mirror" going toward OG Boo Dirty & Major Stackz Ent @ 1:26..."all my niggas Mafia/ I've never even heard of ya'/ quarter brick, half-a-brick/ my young niggas a' murda ya":

Well, long story short...check out the newscast on Channel 3 above & read the summary here:

Memphis Channel 3 News reports that a warrant has been issued for Yo Gotti for his alleged involvement in a shooting at Level II nightclub over Thanksgiving weekend that left five people wounded. 11 warrants have been issued with three suspects already in custody. According to Gotti’s lawyer, the rapper will address the allegations when he arrives back in Memphis.

Mannnnn...this anna needs to slow up mane. Pray for the streets. Damn.


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