Monday, November 29, 2010


Yo, yooooooo,

This is the business right here mane. PRESSURE!!!!!!

This mixtape, mixed by Trackstar the DJ hailing from Missouri is on the level on some stuff that I actually do & feel. I've met Trackstar before & he's a real Hip Hop head. He's not your average DJ & this mix reinforces that.

It's a lot of stuff going on in America today...unemployment, wars, corporate interests and all that other stuff that makes the world that we live in pretty crazy right now. What are you gonna do mane? It's really f**ked up out here mane, for real.

I cosign this real, REAL right chea. Peep out this mix. This is rap real right here...not that stuff out there sugar-coating what's going on now.

This tape features tracks like Tef Poe's "Everybody Strapped", as well as joints from Immortal Technique, Nas, Jasiri X, Wise Intelligent, Killer Mike and others who are on that same level mane.

Check it out & DOWNLOAD below.


Click & download here:

PRESSURE by Trackstar1

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