Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kia Shine-Live From The Grind [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


Just know that after broke the story here and here...and Kia Shine has gotten ANOTHER award for the platinum-selling smash "Best I Ever Had" a la Drake-sampling Lil Wayne's "Do It For The Boy" off of the DJ Absolut mixtape The Leak 5 in which Absolut tried to SUE Kia for a song he featured on the mixtape but did not have a hand in producing at ALL....whew!

But check out this new video he shot in his latest trip to Los Angeles & be on the lookout for his new mixtape "Alarm Clock Theory 2".

Congratulations Kia.

M-Town stand up!!!!


P.S. And just for an update for the people who DON'T remember the hoopla...check out this video.

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