Friday, June 25, 2010

RIP Michael Jackson....The Legend Continues [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Now, I believe in any generation there will be legends. There always has and will be legends. The difference between the 2 is that it gets to a point were somebody people obtain a point that they become so “legendary” that they become the precedent.

Michael Jackson. He is a precedent in music that he becomes mythical to a point but that is how it always been. From his early days singing with his brothers in the Jackson 5 to his accent in the pop world to becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Michael is and will always be special.

When a man touches so many people in this regular world it makes you think about the nature of people in general. He was in so much pain in this natural world. The tabloids attacked him from every turn. The same masses who hailed him as a King early in his career were the same people leading the charge when he was false-accused as a child molester later on. The same people that bought the 40 plus million records of his magnum opus Thriller were the same ones who tried to revise history to imply that he was not the biggest selling North American artist.

It’s funny how people can change up on you though. But, through all of his trials and tribulations, Michael still loved. Not many people could do that but Michael did and for that he was more than just the awards and accolades: he was a true King.

I grew up in an era before internet and pre-manufactured pop stars and Michael Jackson will forever be the ruler that any other star that comes after him will be measured against. I remember a Dave Chappelle skit where he was on the stand in a courtroom and kept telling the judge, “Michael Jackson made Thriller. Thriller.”

Now, this is not to say that it’s a race to beat a legacy but with a legacy as great as Michael’s, you have no choice but to give it up to greatness. As it is in the history of Black music, it has always been greatness and Michael was another example of that greatness.

So, in his demise we need to remember a man that had a beautiful heart that stood for more that many people will ever dream of standing up for. He was more than the moonwalk and shiny gloves. Michael represented greatness.

And with that, we remember him.


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