Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lyrikill-Black Pelicans [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


Now this is what I am talking about. Nobody has really spoke about what's going on in the Gulf right now. Obama is trying his best (I guess). BP is covering (all puns intended) everything up about the oil spill i.e how much oil is coming out, how long it will take to clean it up or even when they will be able to stop the millions and millions of tons of oil to stop spewing upon the Gulf Coast.

Emcee Lyrikill is taking on the issue head on with his new track entitled "Black Pelicans". This soulful ode really hits home.

I think he should have called it the "BP Diss" but I'll wait until Fox News or MSNBC picks up the No, really.

Check it out mane & pray for the South.



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