Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top Billion-I'm II Focused Pt. 1 [Artist Spotlight][OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


So I guess we're gonna stay in the South with these artist spotlight things & next up is is an emcee who is actually not a stranger to

His name is Top Billion & he has been hustling with his mixtapes online for a cool minute now. We actually crossed paths in the music thing via Midi Marc while Billion was working on his "You Need Soul" mixtape while I worked on InDAIpendent (and me and him has some more surprises coming in the next few months).

But, if you don't know...the Monroe, Louisiana native has a new project "I'm II Focused Pt. 1" hosted by DJ CTP is causing a huge buzz for his Cipher Music Group imprint.

You need to get up on the movement mane...I officially co-sign all that my mans drop mane. So, get the new tape...and all of the other joints off of Top Billion bandcamp page.

Check it out.



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