Friday, April 16, 2010 Presents Rise Of The Fallen 3 (Beast Mode) [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mans, Megatron from has dropped ANOTHER bombshelL mixtape mane: Rise Of The Fallen 3 (Beast Mode)!!!!

Mannnnn, the features on here are crazy!!! You got appearances by Lyrikill, Hollywood FLOSS, E. Wood The KID, Impulss, J-Coop Da Great, The Black Rose & myself L'Daialogue DiCaprio.

This is the coldest lineup of undeground/independent artists on the 'net right now mane and again I commend Mega from really holding the flag for upcoming artists....

Oh, and my song..."Play Like I'm Dead", produced by MiZUnderstatistic is EXCLUSIVE and can only be found on this mixtape. So, download this NOW!!!!!

Tracklist & download link are below.




1. A Conquerer (Beast Mode Intro)

2. Kill Switch (Brey Quick)

3. Monster (J-Coop Da Great)

4. Transform (2EaZy x Khadia)

5. Slow Down (Varyus Waise)

6. My Namesake… (Interlude)

7. Nightmare on MC Street (Hollywood Floss)

8. Willy Wonka (Ranny Rann x Starrz x Roc Stalin)

9. Play Like I’m Dead (L’Daialogue)

10. Fed Up (Thirsty McGurk)

11. Put It On You (Trillogy)

12. GlowlySimpson (miDDLecLassmen)

13. Fluidshit (Lyrikill x Impulss x D.O.N.)

14. 32 For Mega (e.d.g.e.)

15. Rockin With The Best (Lyrical x Anterluz)

16. Feed My Family (Invy Da Truth)

17. Lift Off (Lerix)

18. Devastator (The Black Rose)

19. Moment Of Truth (M0S Requested)

20. Turn My Crank (Jack Spa77ow)

21. Push It (Buck Roger$)

22. Beast Wars (E. Wood The K.I.D.)

23. A Reminder… (Interlude)

24. Reminder (Boss B)

25. The Last Stand (Nemesis x Arsonist)

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Megatron said...

Dude thanks a LOT for posting this! I loved your track and I'm thankful for all the support you have shown me over the last year! L'Daialogue forever!

- Mega