Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blaze The Verbal Chemist- Let The Light Shine Through Pt. 2 [NEW MIXTAPE] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


It seem like I have been away for a while...but I'm back on my blog ish mane.

My first extended fam Blaze The Verbal Chemist of Tygah Woods fame. Not the Tiger Woods of sleeping with every woman in the world fame but I

He got a crazy NEW mixtape entitled "Let The Light Shine Through Pt. 2" and that junt is righhhhhht mane. This will get plenty of spins in the whip mane.

It got features from D. Francis, Slangston Hughes, J-Dubble & Wes B. Tygah Woods is definitely in the house mane! Plus, you will be hearing more from Tygah Woods very soon mane *secrets to be revealed soon*

Check it out and cop the link at the bottom. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!



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