Monday, February 8, 2010

Artist Spotlight: L'Daialogue's Interview 02/05/10


By: Justin for

L’Daialogue Dicaprio is putting on for Memphis. Linking up with producer MIDIMarc, L’Daialogue produced a new project portraying the struggle of the independent artist with InDAIpedent. He gained buzz & controversy from some for his Odd Daialogue series, employing Oddisee’s Odd Season EP’s for projects. We spoke with the Memphis emcee and covered topics like how he linked up with MIDIMarc, his thoughts on the current Memphis scene and clearing up the misconceptions about Oddisee’s approval of the Odd Daialogue series. Hit the jump to learn more about L’Daialogue Dicaprio.

Introduce yourself

Well, I am L’Daialogue DiCaprio…an emcee/producer from Memphis, Tennessee…owner of Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions and part owner of Ovaground Undaground SounDZ with my DJ MiZUnderstatistic.

Why the name L’Daialogue DiCaprio?

Well, I actually was called L’Daialogue was given to me by my homeys in my neighborhood. I started off as Lil’ Die..then to Lil’ Dai…to L’Daialogue. The reason its an apostrophe between the L and the D is to acknowledge my past as Lil’ Die but to let you know that I’m a grown man. Plus I foresaw all these Lil’ rappers early on like “they’re going to have to change that as they get older”. Lol.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Well, being from Memphis…all of our blues and soul legends from B.B. King, Al Green, Willie Mitchell and Issac Hayes. Also, Willie Hutch, Bobby Womack and David Ruffin are musical legends that I personally look up to. So, pretty much all the soul movements from Stax Records to Motown to Hi Records. All of that.

Current projects readers should know about

Well, right now…I have just released an EP entitled InDAIpendent with the producer MIDIMarc. That is the most recent project that is making its rounds on the net/blogosphere.

Plus I have my Odd Daialogue series using the beats of Oddisee, the producer from D.C. that has been getting me a lot of other attention lol. But that’s moving around too.

And I’m working with my cousin High Ruler King Cane in our group 2Deep and we’re dropping a project entitled Brothaz Of Tha Struggle 2: Still Strugglin’ later this year and me and MIDIMarc are going to do another InDAIpendent project for the summer. So, it’s a lot going on over here.

Past projects readers should know about

Well, I have a lot of past projects but the one series that I think would catch a person up to speed is the 3-part Bluff City Daialogue series I did with DJ Kenny Kaign. That would be the most recent project to show people my most prevalent direction I’m driving right now.

Now as you mentioned, recently the Odd Daialogue series got you some major attention with widespread opinions on it. Talk a little about that and I guess the question on everyone’s mind is – was Oddisee involved at all, giving the okay for these EPs?

Oddisee wasn’t involved personally in those projects. But, way before…like when he dropped the first Odd Summer joint, I got in contact with him. He didn’t have a problem and pretty much was like do what you do. So, ever since he dropped the Odd Summer, Autumn and Winter joints…I have had a mixtape to match it.

And I have been seeing little comments and what not but that’s not what it is. I contacted him and I have an open line. If it was a problem, Oddisee woulda got at me a long time ago.

Man, promotion goes both ways. I’m putting folks on him and vice versa with the Odd Daialogue joints. Now, would it be the same if I dropped something over another producers joints? Man, Bun B just dropped a mixtape No Mixtape over a slew of beats by different producers with no permission…are you getting at the Bun? No. So, let it be what it is…

Definitely. I think was good to clear that up cause a lot of people didn’t know the facts. Now how did you link up with MIDIMarc?

Man, I linked up with Midi Marc a few years back off of his buzz from a Jay-Z mixtape he did. I caught a few beat tapes from him and I was digging his beats. I hit up like “we need to work immediately mane.” He was down. We did the Project Pat remix with Fat Rat da Czar and from there we decided that we needed to do another project. That’s how InDAIpendent came about at the end of 2009.

Now what do you think of the Memphis hip hop scene atm? Obviously there’s a lot of vets still putting in work like Playa Fly, 8Ball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia, etc. but it feels like there hasn’t been a new emergence of artists from the area in awhile. What are your thoughts on this and do you feel like you’re changing this with your movement?

Well, there’s a lot of new artists coming from Memphis and the energy is definitely switching from a more crunk vibe to a more soulful vibe. An example is Three 6 Mafia’s “Stay Fly”. That was a crunk song but it has that element of soul that has long been needed to bridge the gap between the old and the new.

Now, as for the city…you got folks that’s rhyming from a First 48 perspective because that’s a reflection of their neighborhood. Then, you have me…someone who’s purpose is to bridge the 2 worlds together. I’m from North Memphis but then I went to college. So, I have a corporate mind frame with a street-conscious essence.

So, yeah…I hear the streets and it’s a blend of both because the city is changing and the style is changing too. I have a base in both worlds…so some may think I’m one way and then I bust you across the head with a different sound. Just because I’m from Memphis and have a more energetic style…don’t think I won’t lyrically take you out. A lot of people have caught “L”’s like that…easy.

If you had to pick one song to define your career up to this point, what would it be?

I would actually say…the title song off of InDAIpendent. That song is the love, frustration, the history and future of where I see myself in this game. I am more than what people want to see and I’m still not everything I want to be yet. And the lyrics hit so close to home…like me asking “What you know about this struggle, trick/ Buzz means nothing/ when your cd drops and your only fanbase is your cousins”. That’s some deep words there. So, that song…me proud to be doing it on my own is a declaration that I will stand on.

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only have one album to listen to, what’s your choice?

Man. That’s a hard choice. But, for me…just because I would never see home again and this album has elements of Outkast, Bobby Womack, Cee-lo etc…8Ball & MJG’s In Our Lifetime Vol. 1. All my favorites on one.

Any shout outs or last words?

Definitely shouts out to for always holding it down mane. You, MIDIMarc, MiZUnderstatistic, High Ruler Warlord King Cane (my other half of 2Deep) and everyone else who has supported my movement. It’s definitely more to come folks. Also, check out me on Twitter: @ldaialogue and my bandcamp page: for all the exclusives mane. 2000 Tennessee is gonna be a beast, homey!



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