Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kev Brown Fat Beats LA In-Store Jan 4, 2010 (Pictures)


I went to this in-store of the strength of my mans DJ Houseshoes (and I still gotta come thru Shoes House mane *dang*)'s some pics from the Kev Brown in-store on Jan 4, 2010 courtesy of

Kev Brown came through...made an ORIGINAL beat on spot and then asked for emcees to come and freestyle. Emcees Trek Life and PAWS were in the crowd along with a few other spittas...namely that youngsta from Memphis, Tennessee...L'Daialogue DiCaprio.

So, it was REALLY,REALLY dope. And, I copped the "Random Joints" project from my mans Kev Brown because with all the Grammy nominations floating around these days (namely the Foreign Exchange...congrats again!) that he's bound to be up next with his soulful style rep'n the Low Budget Crew via DMV area.

Check 'em out.



(Below: Pic of L'Daialogue DiCaprio over a Kev Brown Instrumental)

(Below: L.A. emcee Trek Life)

(Below: Emcee PAWS)