Friday, January 22, 2010

Fat Rat Da Czar: Something Ain’t Right [Extended Version]


What's up people? This video/short film (above) entitled "Something Ain't Right" is from another fellow South Cak rep Fat Rat da Czar. It's a very deep video mane and the visuals really hits home. It touches on domestic violence in a way that I believe is engaging enough to hold the viewer for the 9 plus minutes that this mini-movie runs.

First off, hitting a woman is wack enough (*cough, cough* Chris Brown) and Fat Rat approaches the subject from a very interesting angle for an emcee. Also, it is just flat out....a great video. I personally give it 2 thumbs up...North Memphis style!!!

Midi Marc told me that this video was going to be a beast.

Watch it and enjoy.



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