Friday, December 11, 2009

Lyrikill's Top 50 N.O. Underground Songs of 2009

Check out the list my mans Lyrikill came up with. The Top 50 N.O. Underground Songs of 2009 and lookie here....Marielaveau is on the list. Lol.

It's going to be more hits coming from me and a lot of the people on this list. Be on the lookout and don't shoot me...I'm just the messenger.

Check it out.



Off the Soundclash Blog:

*note these are my favorite 50 songs of the last year, DO NOT hit me up on your emo "my song should be on here" foolishness as you are welcome to make your own list...thanks

p.s. no songs by or featuring me are included on here

50. 360 Degreez-Wyzdom 360 & Prospek
49. You Wanna Be Like Me-10 Finger Orchestra
48. We Ballin-Konfo & TNC Boys
47. Unorthodox-M. Harris
46. Pushin & Progressin-D. Francis
45. Back In the Day Song-Know One
44. Motivate-MC Jay
43. Fly-Blaze the Verbal Chemist
42. Sickest-Phat Word & Quest
41. Slow Down-Elespee, Mercure, Prospek
40. Mission Statement-Twen Bumbs
39. Mr. BNHH-Wes B
38. If I'm Wrong-Spitraw f/ Blitzz
37. The Call Out-DJ MC Microphone
36. Initial Komplikations-TheSeKondElement
35. One Man Army-Dee-1
34. All I Ever Wanted-Impulss
33. Wyz Words-Swell & Wyzdom 360
32. Times Up-Know One & Quickie Mart
31. Amazing Day-Lyriqs tha Lyraciss
30. Rampage-Caligula & Elespee of GPC
29. Grassroots-Truth Universal
28. Let It Go-Mr. Jai, J-Dubble, Mike Swift
27. End of Days-Caligula
26. Queens-Dee-1
25. Radio Loud-The I.C.U.
24. Im The Shit-Monsta Beats
23. Marie Laveau-Tygah Woods ft. L'Daialogue
22. The Light-Mercure
21. Man In My City-TNC Boys
20. God's Violence-Caligula & Brooklyn Zu
19. I Stay Ready-Lil Dee & Fiend
18. Regrets-Mister Wayne
17. Gettin That Gwop-Sess-45
16. Rebirth-Dee-1
15. Work-Truth Universal
14. Stuck-Nesby Phips
13. City Cop-Floopyhead & G-Eazy
12. Destitute-D.O.N.
11. Baby-Brasco (Prod. by Nesby Phips)
10. Fall Back-Slangston Hughes
9. This is the Life-Slangston Hughes & Blaze the Verbal Chemist
8. Brand New Day-D.O.N.
7. Pressure Cooker-Impulss
6. Guess Who's Comin to Dinner-Natee
5. Shame-The I.C.U.
4. Fuck Yeah-Tygah Woods
3. Serve & Protect-Truth Universal
2. Plastation Cost More Than A Choppa-A Rapper Named Bilah
1. NOLA-A Levy

P.S. Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick's Women Revolution & Tennis Shoes is my fav album of the year (bar none) the Jackson homies are honorary N.O. reps but not included in this list

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