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L’Daialogue’s "Resume Rap Up-2009": Part 1

This is how I started off my year (200(9) Shine):

Now last year...I called 2008 the year of "switch hustles". So, that can only mean that 2009 is the year of "either the shine or grind". I prefer shining AND grinding.

After I just brought in the New Years in Memphis at the Level 2 Club in the VIP section (and trust me...I will NEVER stand in the regular line ever again). But after I gave the club owner my Bluff City Daialogue CD, he looked at it like "Man, that's a tight cover." But, he never played a track though. This won't be how it is this year. But I don't

I spoke to DJ Kenny Kaign and the Bluff City Daialogue 2 is coming plus some more projects. Also...I got some projects with MidiMarc (shouts out mane...let's get it homey), J-Snizzy (my young nigga is bumpin'), Olde Soul (a possible 12 "inch and more) and On1Ne (my West Coast folk...on every project). Plus, a whole lot of secret projects, production and random verses. So, musically...I will have a lot going on and I will execute!

Enjoy the new year...toast to the mans...and peep the motto.


I think I have accomplished ALOT of things this years and I have more things to come in 2010. But, I just wanted to have a little rundown of my year.

January 2009-December 2009:

January 2009: I didn’t actually have a computer during the first month of the year so I didn’t really get to do too much music out during that month.

February 2009: MiZUnderstatistic finally finished the track that became “Marielaveau (Go Hard)” for the underground collective-known as Tygah Woods (consisting of Mr. J’ai, J-Dubble, DJ Mike Swift, D. Francis, Blaze The Verbal Chemist, Slangston Hughes and Rusty Lowdown).

The 7-man collective recorded and released the single to radio with a wide-spread response in that region (hence the Soundscan above). Here’s a portion of an interview with me & MiZUnderstatistic:

Transcribed interview by: M. Notceb

MiZUnderstatistic: "Marielaveau actually started as just your regular beat. Nothing more nothing less. L'Daialogue was the one who came up with the idea of throwing Tygah Woods in the mix."

L'Daialogue: "Well, Mr. J'ai and J-Dubble are fam, I definitely wanted to get them in the 'yo again. But, then they started telling me about the new click Tygah Woods and the members. I was like 'I want to see if they want to get down on this music tip."

MiZUnderstatistic: "Once L'Daialogue gave me what he wanted...I started building the track with these loud thumping drums. Also, I had to have the melody to seem Creole-feeling but not necessarily Creole-sounding...if that makes sense."

L'Daialogue: "Mane, I was just thinking: Blaze, Francis and Slangston has to feel this. J'ai and Dubble are certified was just like I wanted to get that good old feeling we always have with the music that we do together."

MiZUnderstatistic: Then, I added this swing to the beat that really made the track what it was. After the bassline, it had a strong essence. All it needed was the emcees."

L'Daialogue: "Yep, just like MiZUnder said...the emcees came through on this one. I needed a hard name to describe the track and all I could think of was the voodoo priestess named Marie Laveau from New Orleans. Not that we practice voodoo but it defintely had that homegrown feel that showed New Orleans and Memphis in the same breath."

March 2009: After producing some more outside tracks, Midi Marc and I began formulating what would become the InDAIpendent EP. Now, Midi Marc was throwing me all types of tracks that were certified bangers. So, for the majority of March…I was in an out of studios recording those tracks.

April 2009: I got my first show of the year at Club Rio in Palm Springs, CA (via the homey On 1Ne aka Playa Beez). Me, Olde Soul, Mellowhype, B-Webb, ACCTAFUL and the rest of the clan travelled out to the desert for that show which turned out really good.

Also, I finally leaked a remix track I did with MIDI Marc off of the Project Pat album “Real Recognize Real” entitled “Keep It Hood” featuring myself and South Carolina emcee Fat Rat da Czar. Stupid street record mane. Also, I finally got sucked into the world of Twitter( Networking at it’s finest!

May 2009: This is the month that I actually came up with the title of the EP that is now called InDAIpendent. I was initially going to name it “Calisthenics” because of how I felt it wasn’t a stretch how I was speaking on real street issues and other outside issues that the game seems to say you can’t dually speak on. But, I settled with InDAIpendent. I clubbed in Beverly Hills with the GMC homeys and one in particular ended up getting in a “twitter beef” with P. Diddy (*cough* FoxxFiles lol *cough*).

I also was on the Qui Roll Inc release “Keep N It Real” (which can be purchased on: on the track “Up N Cali”, produced by Avalanchi. Hot track mane! Also DJ MiZUnderstatistic & myself released a mixtape entitled “Bluff City History: Memphis Underground Clazziks Vol. 1” which was a mix of all of the underground tracks I grew up listening to. This tape did really well in regards to downloads. Then, I got into some preliminary promo with the Bluff City Daialogue 2 mixtape.

June 2009: Bluff City Daialogue 2 dropped….killed the streets of Memphis! Hundreds of units moved in the streets courtesy of DJ Kenny Kaign. Plus, I dropped a track with a Drake feature entitled “So Much 2 Obtain” that used a sample from Drake’s ‘So Far Gone” mixtape track entitled “The Calm”. Spoke on some real Memphis-ish mane.

I also did a remix to Tyler Woods (not Tiger Woods) 9th Wonder assisted single “Prove Myself” and that remix did real numbers. Woooooo!!!! I hope you caught that download because that probably did international numbers for real. My homeboy L.E.G.A.C.Y did a mixtape together DJ MiZUnderstatistic called “Suicide Watch: The Memphis Edition”, which came on the heels of his album “Suicide Music” that was produced by Khrysis. I had a few tracks on that tape that was pretty cool seeing that it kept along with the theme of the suicide watch and all. Scary yet hard mane.

July 2009: Off of the mere sight of Oddisee’s instrumental album, “Odd Summer”…I went into the studio and created a 4-track EP that took the internet by storm (with permission from Oddisee of course). Then, unbeknownst to L.E.G.A.C.Y…I wrote a letter to the Justus League. No, not a written letter. I just wrote a track to the Justus League that got kudos from DJ Flash when he came to Los Angeles. Definite yay!

August 2009: I started off August rocking on iMegatron x presents: iMegatron Mixtape by my close blogger friend Hailmegatron ( who has been a supporter since day one. Also, Crumwell (formally known as “Crummy”) finally dropped the ever-elusive “Seven Summers” album (you can purchase here: ) which I had the only feature on the whole album. I was flattered and I bumped that whole disc (including my track off the LP, “Before the Summertime Burn”) which will be getting broke out again this Summer 2010.

September 2009: I got a top-notch feature on DJ Cannon Banyon and Midi Marc’s Good Ass Remix Pt. 2. Very good mixtape mane. Plus, I released (unofficially) the very first mixtape on my dudes, Tygah Woods. I felt the world needed to know what was up mane.

October 2009: I had a double-whammie this month. Actually, a triple-whammie. First, I dropped the Simple Soul Joint with my little homey, J-Snizzy. Beautiful music. Plus, off the strength of the first one…Oddisee dropped Odd Autumn and I bless ‘em with Odd Daialogue 2. A underground classic and the downloads numbers was in the hundreds. Plus, I started pushing the first single off of the InDAIpendent EP to DJ’s and blogs alike. So far I have been getting great reviews from the single...

November 2009: Okay…so, I started getting some more InDAIpendent-related interviews and I dropped a few buzz singles. The first one entitled “My Game Shows” is still floating around off the strength of the 9th Wonder intro and his call for someone to sample the 25,000 Dollar Pyramid theme. MiZUnderstatistic took to the call and the rest is history. Plus…Midi Marc had this crazy idea to expand out buzz output by dropping these beat tapes. I, as always, love pub in all forms. Then, he hits me up and tells me that this MJ mixtape that he worked on hit 12,000 downloads. I was like wow! Then, he told me about this other tape, a Biggie tribute and he threw the single “Da’ Shape Of Ya” on both tapes. Almost 30,000 downloads mane. Wow! Oh, and I did a promo video in front of Universal Records for the InDAIpendent project and ended up getting kicked off the premises by security…lol. I guess.

December 2009: I finally hooked up Kenny Kaign for the final tape, Bluff City Daialogue 3. It’s a great tape in my opinion and culminates a 2-year relationship with my mans in this mixtape thang. The downloads gave me a lot of motivation as they do with all of my projects. I also was featured on Hailmegatron’s latest mixtape: Rise of The Fallen. I actually gave him an exclusive song “The Streets Fight” and it fit in very well. I liked that whole tape actually.

I also recorded another 2Deep record called Brothaz Of Tha’ Struggle 2 coming in 2010. I actually flew out to Memphis to track out those records and ended up recording another project along with it. The vault is getting packed lol.

So, 2009 was very much a transition year for me. I focused on my music and as a result started to see some of this hard work began to play off. 2008 was the year of “switch hustles”. 2009 was the year of “shining and grinding”. Now, 2010 is the year of payoffs!!! I’m speaking these things into existence now. Watch for me AND get the name correct: L’Daialogue DiCaprio.

Holla whenever,


P.S. Part 2 is going to be for the year's if you did miss out, you can hit up all of the downloads in one place. Let's get it!

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