Friday, December 4, 2009 Presents: Rise Of The Fallen (Mixtape) [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Yo, yo, yo mane...

What is tha bizzzzy-ness??

Mane, I look on the Twitter and I see a new mixtape from my man Mega from HAILMEGATRON.NET and he has another cool project that he's dropping to smack ya'll's heads in.

First, he has single-handedly been one of the main supporters of myself and my Ovaground SounDZ movement and he is a fierce advocate for InDAIpendent (it's coming people in a artists like myself.

His blog, just like this tape represents his stance as a blog that supports independent artists. You hear that (wack ass blogs fill in the blank ____________)??? The unsigned people, remember!!!!

But whatever. Check out my EXCLUSIVE track on the mixtape, These Streets Fight (Track 15), produced by MiZUnderstatistic AND bump the WHOLE tape.

The independent artists have spoken and Mega is giving us the platform. Thanks mane.

Check out the write up and the links after the jump.



Words from Mega:

The wait is over! The highly anticipated mixtape Rise Of The Fallen has finally arrived! The concept of this mixtape is to feature artists who do not get enough recognition and they have fallen off of a lot of people’s radar. Well, this is their rise to show everyone what their skills are. The mixtape is split into 2 CD’s since the project had so much support there was too many tracks to fit on one CD. The mixtape is great cover to cover and I’m not saying that because I put it together. I feel that all these artists deserve a little shine and I’m here to give it to them. Also, much thanks to Lerix and Tha Bloq Association for all their time, dedication, and contributions to this mixtape.



1. Rise Of The Fallen (Jay Ferno)

2. Fear (Skeptic)

3. Things Have Changed (CL Sick)

4. Believe (So The Kid)

5. I’m Good (Boss B)

6. The New (The Rezon)

7. February 27th (Leonardo Chop)

8. Lit Fire (Lerix)

9. OMFG (City Council)

10. Megatron (Stewie Vuitton)

11. Vivid (Tru Quality)

12. This Is The Life (PenDragon x Jae Poet)

13. Say You Will (Sage Bravo)

14. Stay Around (E.A.)

15. These Streets Fight (L’Daialogue) YESSIR!!!!!

16. So Crazy (Thirsty McGurk x Lerix)


1. Ca$hflow Speaks

2. Doper Than A Kilo (Brey Quick)

3. The Fallen (Ca$hflow x Cameron Mackey)

4. U Ain’t Talkin Bout Shit (Starrz)

5. Dinner Time (McNyce)

6. We Blow The Roof ($. Killah)

7. Stand Up Comedian (Sage Bravo)

8. Party Up (Mark Milly x Reality ‘The Don’)

9. Ridin’ (Ca$hflow x Jones AnDrews)

10. The Verbal Slaughter (Hollywood Floss)

11. If I Ruled The World (Choze x Voice)

12. Exotic (Da Ref)

13. Growin’ Up In Da Hood (Munch)

14. Hit The Bar (Young Boogs)

15. Raise A Glass (Junior Black x Stewie Vuitton)

16. Give Em What They Want (Archie Bang)

17. Swan Song (D.E.)



1 comment:

Megatron said...

Man... it's nothin. Keep makin' dope music and I'll keep supportin' it. Hope everyone who downloaded enjoyed the mixtape as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Funny, too... cuz These Streets Fight was the first track I put into the RoTH playlist haha.

Thanks for the support L-L-L-L'Daialogue!!!