Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hurrikaign Radio With DJ Kenny Kaign (NEW WEEKLY PODCAST)


What's up world?

I just got a text a few minutes ago telling me about a new podcast that was about to air. Now, I fools with podcasts all day. Especially since they are like the opposite of what's on regular radio. I mean...they really mess with the independents (or InDAIpendents...*shameless plug*. The EP is coming soon.)

My DJ, Worldwide Kenny Kaign has just got a new podcast that he's getting off the ground showcasing all new music weekly ESPECIALLY the underground artists from the Memphis area (which is sorely needed) and beyond.

So, check out the link and tune in to my homey. Let's support one of the realest DJ's in the Memphis area and BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s. I will ALSO post each weekly show here so if you forget, I'ma remind yous guys. Lol.

PODCAST LINK: http://hurrikaignradio.podomatic.com/

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