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Lyrikill: That Dude (New Article)

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BACKSTORY Here is another underground hip-hop head I had the pleasure of meeting, One night after open mic at Club NV. So i get word from Slangston Hughes of (Tygah Woods) that the host of The Soundclash would like to to do a open mic.. I'm all for it of course but then i hear him spit and im like woah... When is Your Mixtape dropping..We spit and he invites me to be on his album although i couldn't make it too the studio (something i regret still to this day) but I did get a change to interview him here is what he said.. Lyrikill

DTS:As an artist and a fan of your i would like to know how you can up with your name.

Lyrikill: It was a name I came up with when I was an 8th grader calling myself C-sta (short for Chucksta lol)...I did an album over some instrumentals called Lyrikill, the Ultimate was my first time really focusing on using an elevated level of vocal, punchlines, similies, metaphors etc...after that, I never went back to C-sta it was all Lyrikill

DTS: So tell me about Heart & Sole. What inspired you to do this album?

K:I believe life is all a balance--ying/yang, left/right , good/bad, etc so my balance in life is heart/sole...heart being what is real and matters like spirituality, family, righteousness etc and sole being what doesn't really matter but occupies a spot nonetheless, like material goods, pornography, drugs etc

I wanted to bring together the two elements with no judgment on ether side, just accepting that I am heart & sole, nothing more or less

DTS: what are you currently listening to?

K:Alotta 90s hip-hop, I been on the new Rae because it has a 90s vibe but I've been on Jeru Wrath of the Math, Pete Rock Soul Survivor and Self Scientific The Self Science lately

DTS: As a artist how do you feel currently about the state of Hip-Hop?

K: It's beautiful that the Internet is putting the power back in the hands of the artists...there's always a plethora of wack rap, but overall, the digital age will allow artists to eventally deliver music straight to the fans and not have to make bs songs to please some label that has an entire staff with zero knowledge of hip-hop culture.

DTS:Give me your 8 Super Group.

Truth Universal
Nesby Phips
Skipp Coon
Impulss and any one member of Tygah Woods...I wanna hear that album

DTS:Any producer in the world who would you work with?

K:DJ Khalil...I met the other 2 of my top 3 this week--Premo and Jake One, so that was pretty dope

DTS:Cool. This has been bugging me for a minute and who better to answer but you, Do you think kids have a creative outlet as far as music goes?

K:I working to bring that to inner city children as the options are very limited right now

DTS:That sounds great keep me posted about it, Can you tell me about The Soundclash?

K: Soundclash was an idea to bring a monthly event that would be a beat battle, artist showcase and networking mixer to New Orleans...we started it last Oct and it was been successful and instrumental in a revival in local hip-hop. It goes down every 2nd Saturday of the month at Maison Musique 508 Frenchmen

DTS: ok i know this is mad random but give me your Top 5 Films?

Vanilla Sky, The Departed, Coming to America, Napoleon Dynamite, New Jack City

DTS: Yeah New Jack City is Classic. You have any favorite spots in New Orleans

K: I'd just say Frenchmen Street, it's the area I normally hang in, lots of places yo est, drink and hear live music...fav club Howlin Wolf for shows, Lil Dizzys or Praline Connection on the eats, I don't do coffee shops but RIP True Brew, and Trolley Stop is the late night food spot

DTS:Can you tell me about your current projects or concepts for any future albums?

K: My current project is a 9 track ode to golden era hip-hop and sneakers entitled Heart & Sole...I am currently 7 tracks into Heart & Sole 2, both projects are produced entirely by Prospek of Guerilla Publishing Company...I have a mixtape with Statik Selektah called "Down Bottom Up Top" and another full-length project, The Canvas, which will drop in 2010.

DTS: What advice can you give to young emcee's?

K:Take your craft seriously and find yourself first...Your music will improve greatly once you find yourself and write from within instead of emulating what u see on tv or hear on radio


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