Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Lowdown on Yo Gotti's "Touchdown" (OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE)


This new Yo Gotti song is EXPLOSIVE!!!!! Wow!!! And it comes equipped with new HARDCORE disses seemingly to a (few) SPECIFIC Hypnotized Mindz based rappers. has done some research to see exactly where these lines are in the song and find out EXACTLY who they are going to.

Now, their are only 2 rappers that are with DJ Paul & Juicy J's Hypnotized Minds imprint that could get under Gotti's skin like this as of recent. One is his old comarade, V-Slash. The other one is Yung D.

V-Slash's verse on "North Memphis Like Me" could be seen as a Gotti diss:

With lines like: "You don't keep it real with your niggas/dog quit flaugin'/'cause nigga if you was/they wouldn't be out here starvin'"...or "You don't f*ck with Juicy and Paul and Pat like me/you don't water whip and cook the crack, nigga like me"... these are OBVIOUS lines at Yo Gotti's Inevitable Entertainment that she used to be affiliated with before her jump to Hypnotized Minds.(Yes, I said she, her etc because insider sources state that V-Slash is a girl.)

Also, in "North Memphis Like Me", V-Slash represented a close street alliance with the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples as she ended the verse stating "I put that on the BOSS".

So, with is "Fuck All Yall-Juicy J Ft. V Slash" off the Play Me Some Pimpin' Mixtape where V-Slash goes in:

Notable V-Slash lines: "You niggas talkin' king/but your pockets clean" going after Yo Gotti's claim of him being the new "King Of Memphis". Also, "This nigga ain't real/this nigga ain't straight/ you wanna blueprint on him/ this nigga been fake".

Yung D had somethings to say about Yo Gotti specifically and it seems like Hynotized Minds in regards to radio and the "dope game" in Memphis:

Even back in the days, Yung D had a few things to say about Gotti's "King Of Memphis" title but Gotti never responded to anything UNTIL NOW!

Check out the 2nd verse where Gotti goes in on a certain Hypnotize Minds affiliate. It can be assumed more V-Slash seeing that Yung D is rumored not to be on the Hypnotized Minds imprint anymore.


THIS IS AIMED DIRECTLY TO MEMPHIS RAPPERS: MY COMMENTARY Memphis, we need to stand together mane. Don't let outside forces try to stop what we got going on in the city. Personal beefs should stay just that...personal beefs. Once you put certain things to the know how it goes in the "M".

Let's get it as a city.


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