Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Memoriam Of Derrion Albert...and Our Fight vs. The "Hood" Mentality (OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE)

Note: This is wrong....and I am hating that I even have to speak on this. Man, we need to change. This is aimed DIRECTLY at the kids and the people that stay in these neighborhoods. We need to take the block back.

Look at this video:

R.I.P Derrion Albert. A 16 year old student that was killed in a fight that resulted in him being struck in the head with a wooden board by a group of Chicago students.

Now, amidst the plenty of other times that we as a people has had to say this year, this time really drives home.

The video footage of that young man being beaten in the streets is enough to drive any person over the edge.

What is happening to our children people?

What is happening to our future?

These are OUR children whether you believe it or not. The have-nots, the forgotten, the single-parent raised, the gangbangers, the drug dealers, the worst of the worst are our children. We are responsible for bringing these injustices to the light and not enabling these monsters to even feel comfortable to walk on OUR streets.

Sure, we can go against the omnipresent, invisible, ever-spoken about “man” that is holding us down. Jena 6, Sean Bell and many other examples can show that when it’s us against them, we can band together for a common good.

I wonder if Al Sharpton is going to ride as hard as he rides for other injustices. Are you going to even ride at all?

But, what if it’s your neighborhood or your child? What if your child was the one assaulted like Derrion Albert was? Would the outrage be the same?

It is so many stories like this everyday that are backed up and perpetuated by not only Hip-Hop (as the media commonly stated as the culprit) but the American culture as a whole.

America eats her young and the young minority of Black and Latino babies has little to no chance of becoming her next wave of appetizers in the coming decades.

But, when are we going to stop people?

These are our neighborhoods. Chicago is Memphis is New Orleans is New York City is Detroit is Cleveland is Washington D.C is Oakland is Los Angeles is Atlanta is Houston is Philadelphia. We are all in the same struggle.

Why won’t we fight against the real enemy?

Will we march on these threats that are in our own neighborhood and ARE OUR SAME COLOR????

We must fight for our communities.

In Memoriam Of Derrion Albert...


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Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh’s G-20 story: Take an expressway from town and disappear into desolate ‘hoods and encounter the civilization of menace. Pittsburgh, a dual city! The glass wonder of PPG Place and/or the G-20 Summit is a faded memory. Here in the ‘hood lives lie abandoned as far as the eye can see.


That is: For the most part, African-American Pittsburgh seems to be invisible, not only to the public relations hucksters who tout Pittsburgh’s successes, but we are equally invisible to the protesters.

Certainly, black Pittsburgh is as proud as anybody in that the black President we worked so hard to elect has selected Pittsburgh as the host of the G-20 Summit. We even enjoy the re-invention of Pittsburgh from a dirty, smoky steel-churning history to the bright, clean, green financial success that the business leaders and politicians boast about so loudly. Nobody is more proud of the Super Bowl winning African-American coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin. But none of that feel-good stuff erases the pain of the stubbornly high unemployment among African American young adults and the staggering dropout rate for young black males from the public school system.