Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back In Tha' M...with Updates


I'm just giving ya'll some updates since I just touched down a day ago. My internet access was a little limited...

But, I am back in Memphis people. Yes, I'm in the studio again with High Ruler King Cane finishing up the last few tracks on the new 2Deep album: Brothaz Of Tha' Struggle Pt. 2: Still Strugglin'.

Also, I got word back from MIDIMarc that the InDAIpendent project almost has a home and a release date so be on the lookout for that. October seems to be the month for

Plus,the Tygah Woods Week was crazy seeing that the almost all of projects' downloads were in the hundreds (I told you them dudes are bumpin'). So, expect bigger things coming from my fellow N.O. emcees.

So, yeah...nothing too much is poppin' but some HEAVY recording. If you are in the city, get at ya' boy.


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