Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fat Rat da Czar "Do Whud I Do" VIDEO


This is Fat Rat da' Czar new video and lead single "Do Whud I Do" produced by MIDIMarc off of Da Cold War 2: Da' Day Afta album.

Can we say "hustlin'" mane? Lol.

These South Carolina boys are hustlin' hard. I need the rest of these guys to catch up PLEASE.

But, peep...this video is floating and getting ALOT of hatin' and much more love.

Also, MIDIMarc has won ANOTHER beat battle this past Saturday (I can take solace in knowing that I called this one WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY before he won it). This is madness and this song is that slow-knockin' groove that got that backwoods banger feel to it.

I personally like this joint.

And on another side note: the video has already been featured on Did you hear that??????!!!! (*shaking my head in digust at this mans grind*)

Haters, please catch up....dang. Lol.

Fat Rat is up next, mane. Check him out.


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