Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Detroit Niggahz, Dilla and Charles Hamilton's Yancey Scandal


First off, I have A LOT of family in Detroit and I'm talkin' about plenty of first cousins, aunts and uncles (word to MIDI Marc).

Now, what I do know about Detroit niggahz is that they are VERY similar to Memphis niggahz in that they have a low tolerance for fakin', perpertratin' and flagin' in any case.
We don't care what you think about us and in the essence of music...we rep the city. And if you are fakin', hatin' whatever: we WILL call you out. So, in the untimely deaths of Proof (Eminem's mentor) and J-Dilla, they are very protective of their names in regards to Hip-Hop in Detroit.

Charles Hamilton stated that he's dedicating his album to J-Dilla as executive producer. Now, if you look at it from a respect perspective it seems like it came from a place of respect. But, doing that and "braggin'" about it is where I have a problem.

People that are the closest to individuals (especially ones who are deemed as legendary) are in a post-death conflict after that person has died within the eyes of the public.
Suge Knight, Courtney Love, Yoko Ono, Jamie Hendrix, Lil' Kim and many other stars in music fit that mold. People who may or may not have had the best relationship in the eyes of public pre and post death and conflict thereafter.

But Charles Hamilton falls in NO category similiar to what I have said.

I remember personally talking to Percee P on Melrose a few years ago about his time with Dilla during the Champion Sound sessions. He even told me in Dillas last days he wasn't even messing with even some of his closet comrades like that because of his illness (which was lupus).

I also remember talking to Black Milk in Los Angeles around the time he released Popular Demand and he was vivid in speakin on Dilla, how that "Reunion" track came about with Slum Village and just the "D" in general love for their fallen soldier.

I even remember an article I read a few years back when Just Blaze was talking about the prospective producers for Jay-Z's Black Album. Rumor is that he and Jay wanted him on the album BAD. Just Blaze called Dilla personally to let him know that Jay wanted him on the album and he turned them down SUPPOSEDLY to finish Guilty Simpson's album or something like that.

So, when the DJ Houseshoes, Guilty Simpsons, Illa J's, Black Milk's, Royce's etc speak on the man...you must respect the people that ACTUALLY knew him. When Ma Dukes is even brought into a discussion on your possible giving proceeds in her sons name or you saying, "Prayer, meditation and belief in God allowed me to have a STRICTLY PARANORMAL relationship with Dilla, to master the album"...it's a little hard to believe with your track record*.

It's a lot of things that are done for Dilla's family that are not placed in the common knowledge of the public. Plus, I don't know Ma Dukes but I would assume that those are the best gifts to the family. My mama always said that the best gifts are the ones not broadcasted.

I would never say that I can speak on anybody's intentions but when you KNOW that it's a touchy subject on Dilla's beats, likeness and namesake even being given to the Yancey family...I would tread lightly not to violate Ma Dukes notoriously "forgiving" attitude.

Plus, you should know that when you speak Dilla's name: Detroit IS listening. Also, the last person that got out of line (right or wrong) with Detroit caught his issue soon as he got off the plane.

Long live Dilla and bless the Detroit!

MESSAGE: The ultimate gesture of "admiration" is sometimes NOT saying what you gave or what you did but SHUTTIN' UP sometimes and not being sneaky trying to leech off of a legend's spotlight!


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