Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bluff City Daialogue 2 Producer's Corner: Worldwide DJ Kenny Kaign

If somebody were to ask the average artist in Memphis, Tennessee "Who is your favorite DJ?", the answers are going to be as varied as Jordan sneakers.

Most people's first reference would be the radio. Next, you would probably start thinking about the mixshow/ club DJ's or the city (who still ironically work for radio) and then you have the Worldwide DJ Kenny Kaign.

I actually know DJ Kenny Kaign through mutual family members that would always tell me about this DJ in Frayser that I could never reference him to.

He didn't have the "name" but that's why he lasted so long by keeping himself out of industry "beefs" and Memphis "beefs" which are definitely the worst to have because there effects on your long term career.

After many successful mixtapes with his own independent Raleigh/Frayser-based mixtape brand entitled Street Code, this DJ is not one to be playing with. Constant gigs and a strong mixtape brand is what consistantly keeps his name in the mouth's of the city's industry elite.

I remember doing the very first Bluff City Daialogue mixtape and how he was 150% percent behind idea of the series and my style period. He is actually the person that decribes my style as "[when] the lyrics meet the streets"...and that stuck even until today.

So, for the Future Star DJ with the bright future and awards ahead of him...I definitely want to let him know that he is one of the best in the city and the way that he carries himself as a businessman/brand/gigging DJ is what is going to keep him above the haters everytime.


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