Saturday, May 30, 2009

Twitter Talk: Jay-Z & Diddy Chop It Up ABOUT FoxxFiles...again???

Yeah boy,

The streets are watching mane.

That means more talk about my mans FoxxFiles and now the talk is on

Now, you haters...please keep count. That's BET, Wall Street Journal, The Daily News and CNN coverage.

The GMC is crazy connected and as for the one article that claimed the "unfollow" trend was started by "some [bitter] unsigned artists", I'm not "bitter" and FoxxFiles don't rap (from what I know lol). So, indirect commentary commenting on a subject you don't FULLY know about is HATIN' on your behalf also.

So, check out this article and keep it going. Bluff City Daialogue 2...coming very soon.




Wait, Hov is on Twitter? Since Twitter has now taken over the lives of just about every functioning music industry individual (and others outside the realm) it's about time I start incorporating hilarious episodes of things we would actually LIKE to see on Twitter.

Now I'm not going to lie, this idea derived from Ozone Magazine's feature "Sidekick Hackin." But since I'm a constant advocate of Twitter and haven't used a Sidekick since I was in college, I thought a make believe Twitter conversation between these two would be quite interesting to put together.

If all goes well and the response is what I hope it turns out to be, I'll produce one every Friday. As always, these jabs and gestures are in jest so please remove that serious bone in your trigger finger- IT'S NOT THAT DEEP. Alright, here goes nothing!

@iamdiddy- Aye playboy, you finally jumped on the bandwagon, huh?

@ItsHova- Yeah. But this sh*t isn't the business. The hell does "Twitter" even mean?

@iamdiddy- Squeeze first, ask questions last. How's business? Big talks about you, WMG, and Sony Music looking to lock in for a new deal, huh?

@ItsHova- Yeah- nothing set in stone yet. Quit readin them blogs, my man. More importantly, who convinced you to call your album "Last Train To Paris?"

@iamdiddy- Oh you got jokes, playboy? And when was the last time you got a haircut?

@ItsHova- Right around the time Cassie had a top 10 single, you wrote your own raps, and Marc Curry received a royalty check.

@iamdiddy- Ha! Touche. Let's talk business family. BP3- I want in.

@ItsHova- I must admit, you served your purpose on "American Gangsta." However, it's time for me and Yeezy to lock in. Plus, I don't want any of that "Paris" influence on this project. Yeah I'm internationally known, but I'll be damned if my lead off single sounds like something from an Arizona rave party.

@iamdiddy- You got one more joke, Carter.

@ItsHova- Then what? You won't press "buttons" and point to the kick drum so one of your ghost producers can actually "produce" a song you get credit for.

@iamdiddy- Hey, Dame Dash called, he wants Roc-A-Fella Records back and thanks you for RUINING his life.

@ItsHova- You mad the Barbados beauty, Rihanna outshined Assie Cassie in the "Look At My Chi Chi's" competition?

@iamdiddy- You know what….

@ItsHova- No matter WHAT…I'm married to Beyonce with NO kids. You, well you're still calling your babies' mothers "girlfriend" while changing 90 sets of diapers dishing out over $50,000 a month in child support while talking ish to @Foxxfiles on Follow Friday's. Man, F this, Twitter has turned your life into a living hell. I'm out.

@iamdiddy- Eh Eh, Eh Eh.


Low "We'll NEVER see Hova on Twitter…EVER" Key

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