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Open Letter To Diddy....from (and The Mad Bloggers)


The general concensus is mans has the internet going NUTS (and I'm hatin' a lil'

CNN, Daily News and various other news sites have covered this "#unfollowiamdiddy" phenomenon that's been (and continues to be) a trending topic on Twitter.

Also, other blog sites are picking up the topic too. Here is an open letter off of site who addresses the situation elequently.

Now, before you get into the letter, please know that my mans FoxxFiles isn't a "hater". He's a genius in the fact that he's done the same thing that Diddy does to the general public: marketing and branding.

FoxxFiles is a movement and hey...if people REALLY think that he's a "hater"'re calling me a hater. And I don't

A power move is what it is. A power move! And while the world is reporting and wondering what happened...the GMC is on something else.

The world is mustard to me. Please ketchup.




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Dear Sean,

Here's the irony, the folks that are twittering unfollowdiddy comments for the most part never followed you on twitter. They never locked in homie. I'd imagine that many however at some point were fans of artists signed to Bad Boy. You can tell, because they know most of your artists and are concerned with their whereabouts. Do you even remember most of the artists that have been mentioned? The truth is they've stopped following you Sean in the non-twitter world a long, long time ago and the last 24 hours has provided them the opportunity to vent some of the frustrations with you Mr. Ciroc Obama (I hope that there is some bill that President Obama is preparing to sign to end the use of this ignorant nickname by the way).

Their tweets, while funny hold some truths. Sure, careers fade and artists come and go, but they seem to do so in record numbers over at Bad Boy. What happened to Total? Where is Stevie J? Why wasn't Mario Winans more successful? Where the hell is Carl Thomas? Where's that girl group Dream? And, damn that was wrong what went down with Shyne. Sean, this is real talk.

Are you locked in? Because we damn sure know your twitter profile is locked down. A celebrity with a private profile? Must be plotting behind the scenes. I'd imagine that you wish Charles Hamilton would get punched in the face again so that the tide could shift away from you in the land of twitter.

By the way, "they're haters" isn't going to work. Can't shrug your shoulders and think that using the over used term is going to make it all right. Why are they haters because they think folks should unfollow you? Sean, stop being so narcissistic and thinking everything is about you. Be humble for a moment and consider it a wake up call. A realization that you once had very talented artists on your roster and when you became the number one client, we all found that a bit suspect. They're not haters, just folks with strong opinions. Come back down to earth brother.

Sure you're a brilliant businessman but so is a pimp. And we've watched you Sean, pimp artist after artist. Most recently we've watched you create a male and female group on reality television. Then we watched Danity Kane fall apart, and that was really no surprise. One because creating a group on television and expecting them to stay together is like having a successful relationship from a dating reality show. But also because Bad Boy is the alleged label where artist go if they want to disappear forever like they're in the witness protection program.

Sean, instead of calling folk haters, you could have acknowledged them. Let them know you hear their concerns, and then tell us where Black Rob and others are. Not acknowledging them and trying to discount them by calling them haters is a real case of bitchassness. This unfollowdiddy thing was just showing you that folks would like to remove the situation from the situation (even if your numbers are rising). Wake up. Are you locked in to that?

I'd like to leave you with one of my favorite unfollowdiddy comments: "Unfollowdiddy because his fine print reads, bullets, bars, set-ups, disappearing, snitching and fading careers"

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