Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guru (Gangstarr) & Solo Says Southern Rap Is Not Hip Hop!

All you old rappers trying to I'm not going to entertain this at all.


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Mr. J'ai said...

Ok, this is the bs that makes me upset. 1-Don't single out an entire region and act like the Southern rappers aren't giving the pioneers props. 2-These dudes are mad because they can't get on tv and shine... 3-Ringtone rap accounts for a very small percentage of what people are really bumping in their cars and concert ticket sales...

I'm very upset and disappointed because I love GURU, Gangstarr and almost all of the legends on the East Coast. It's all music and it's all love. We love y'all down here. We go to the 2 major retail chains that are open in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, etc. and actually buy those 80s and 90s albums to add to our collections. Most of us are mad about some new trends too because we don't make songs to sell on ringers. We also hate the gatekeepers and the major labels who put the game in icu (Viacom, etc.). But don't pop off and denounce the whole Southcoast because that ain't right. The reason why rappers and mc's even have a choice and a chance to sell ringers and do big retail number is because of artists like Outkast, Master P, Cash Money, etc. Those people worked hard so we all could better our situations because Outkast has sold tons of units and each album is creative= That's HIP HOP.

It's just constant disrespect and we as a whole don't act like that. That's why the kids aren't thinking about y'all. Whenever they do see the legends, half of y'all are hating. That's not right. It's about mentorship and y'all know that. I'm an old-schooler and I'v have young guys from NY who don't like the boom bap but love the southcoast. I make it a point to educate them about the legends. As a whole we just have to encourage them to make classic music and good decisions. That's our job.

The point is if you have a problem, call out names. Don't label a region because that's how the beef starts. We don't do beef down here. These kids fire weapons and they take all that talk literally. We respect everyone. I may not like Joe B or 50, but I respect them for callin' out names. If it's a problem, discuss it with that person and keep it moving. Peace