Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dangermouse is releasing a Blank Disc???


Producer Danger Mouse, most known for his work as one-half of Gnarls Barkley [click to read], will release his latest album Dark Night of the Soul as a blank disc.

The reasoning behind Danger Mouse’s decision is reportedly because of legal troubles with his label EMI, who wanted to shelve the collaborated project between him and Rock group Sparklehouse. Rather than letting them restrict his musical aspirations, Danger Mouse instead made his music available online.

While the blank disc does not have a “physical” release date, it is reported that every copy of Dark Night of the Soul will have a note stating, “For Legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.” The disc will also be accompanied by a 100-page booklet of photographs taken by film director David Lynch, who is also featured on the album.


That's a gangsta move...and shouts out to Dangermouse. I know the majors will not like this...but then again, who cares? It's about the artists right???


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