Saturday, May 23, 2009

Charles Hamilton Gets Punched Out (*OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE*)


It seems to be the same thing with Charles Hamilton. He says/does something very boils over...THEN he does something stupid again. I's kinda hard to see your talent when you're always that guy that's in the mess (refer: Ron Artest).

The problem with him is these incidents keep happening. Actually, they happen so seems borderline publicity stunt-ish.

In his most recent YouTube fudgery, he was on Hood Star TV with a young lady (who is later revealed as his 'assistant') and the interview turns into an impromptu freestyle session. (For the full vid, look below the jump)

Charles seems to be in a mode where he doesn't care. He beefed with Soulja Boy (and that backfired). Then, he goes release his Pink Lavalamp and (by his admission) and STEALS a replayed sample produced by Black Spade. Now, this happens to the man.

Charles, there is no way to get out of this bad press. But, if not anything...he has given me a video to watch this Memorial Day Weekend ad nausem.


VIDEO LINKS (Notice the video is @ 370k. Wow! * Oh, my's at 500k!):

And here's the young lady Brianna (aka Charles Ham-Punchout) that punched Hamilton:

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