Tuesday, April 7, 2009

L'Daialogue's Quick Recap of the CLUB RIO Show in Palm Springs

So yeah (like 3 or 4 days after..lol),

I had to personally recooperate from my most recent show in Palm Springs this past Saturday. It was a small crowd but it definitely was big enough to rock.

The whole fam came out and represented. Mellowhype, B-Webb (da' hater 'hata') both of my producers, the legendary On1Ne and Olde Soul plus Avalanchi...who is one of the tightest all-around producers I have seen in a long time EVER. And these dudes were in the building on chill SUPER mode. Imagine if we would have laid something down after the show. It would have been crazy!

L'Dai w/ producers On1Ne (left) and Olde Soul (middle)

L'Dai getting ready for the show @ Club Rio

Long Beach native ACCTAFUL was also on the bill with the whole GangstaPa Crew rep'in the West Coast to the fullest.

My set was short and to the point touching on some of my underground gems, "On1Ne" and "Average Line". The crowd genuinely seemed to vibe with the whole show and gave me much love afterwards.

I feel like I should of had more pictures and stuff...but they should be coming later on. But the show was one of the real ones...and there should be more to come.

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