Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Asher Roth: Nappy-Headed Hoes or Blonde-Headed Bitches?


My homeboy L.E.G.A.C.Y (go cop the Suicide Music on June 2) put me up on this craziness via twitter. And as The Legster previously mentioned...Asher can't get a pass for this bullshit...

I mean if Mike Vick can't get a pass, he can't...and all he was doing was killing puppies. But that's here nor there.

I mean...just cause you in Hip Hop don't negate you from having common sense. You will get stomped out for that sh*t.

I see why AsherRoth isn't ANYTHING like Eminem (aside from lyricism, respect etc, etc.)

Em has a deep respect as a participant in this thang called Hip Hop.

Notice I said "participant"...because you are a participant in this sh*t.

Now, again..this isn't a race thing. It's a common sense thing. And he should have had more than he has shown. I mean...alot of people supported this guy. I mean people was giving him a real chance.

Now,he wants to "Nappy Head Hoes" a situation that can possibly cost him his career. Why couldn't he say "Blonde-Headed Bitches"? He probably kicks it around enough...but that comment is VERY Yung Berg-ish in the fact of the consequences that will probably come behind it.(refer to picture below)

<---- What, Asher??? For real!

Asher can/will possibly get "the meat knocked out of his taco" playing around repeating that sh*t..R.I.P. Pimp C!

And hey, I don't hate. I respect his "grind" but shit like that won't be tolerated anymore...and he should know that.And then on top of all of erase the tweet. Guilty people delete...and that was a ho move on his behalf.

But hey, if we can let Ricky slide with his C.O. pass...he shouldn't be feeling as bad.

Especially since he hasn't stole a track like Charles Hamilton or worst...he's cool.(Sorry Chuck)

I just say...he bet not get caught slippin' with that sh*t lingering over his head.

But..with all that..go support Asher Roth's Asleep In The Bread Aisle. But know you're being watched dude...from bloggers, emcees, deejays and the nappy-headed hoes you felt that you were comfortable enough to speak on...

Oh, Joe Scudda, Ev, Copy, Lil' Wyte (Bay Area Rep)and a few other white boys can rap circles around you easily my friend. So, don't let that SRC co-sign go to your head.


p.s. For more articles on this foolishness...check out and

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