Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's been a LONG time...but let's get the game started!!!! MEMPHIS VS. CAL-STATE NORTHRIDGE TODAY @ 11:25 A.M.


So, I'm totally blaming Chris Foxx for ALL OF THIS! I haven't blogged for days...and I have real reasons....I just got a new Crackberry. My computer was acting up. My managers at work are trippin'. I mean...I was getting from all angles.

Also, I've been in the studio every weekend since the last, it's reasons why I've been gone. But, I'M BACK!!!!!

And it's all about that logo at the top. Memphis State Tigers!!!!!!! We're going all the way this, while I get back in the scheme of things....check out the hometown and get those brackets crackin'...

Until the next update...very soon...


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